Getting Started with Amazon AWS EC2 (1 year free VPS web hosting)

Getting Started with Amazon AWS EC2 (1 year free VPS web hosting)

How to sign up for a free VPS with Amazon EC2.

Howto, Notes, and Errata:

If you want to skip the intro explanation jump to 1m43s

WARNING: read the warning in the article (the notes link) about cost!

I changed the thumbnail because I found that I was being content jacked and I wanted people to know where the video came from.

27 thoughts on “Getting Started with Amazon AWS EC2 (1 year free VPS web hosting)

  1. Hello , Can we expand EBS SSD for instance while creating instance as it gives 30GB FREE but 8GB selected as default?

  2. Your way of explaining things is as clear and simple as DigitalOcean's interface! Thanks! Great job! I have subscribed to you.

  3. When I exit from AWS from the terminal after starting the simple python server, the server terminates and I can no longer access my website. How do I leave the server running after I sign off from the terminal?

  4. great tutorial. anyone knowing a few terminal commands will be able to follow along, thanks. keep up the good work

  5. hi, 750 hours/month.. this means 750hours per instances or 750hours per aws acount? if i have 5 instances means i consuming 120hours per day. right?

  6. You install php and pythn and whatever else using apt-get or yum or whatever tool you would normally use for the version of linux you select. I'd say that you should probably pick Ubuntu because you'll have an easier time finding tutorials for it.

  7. I want to set up an amazon server for my application… it's built using PHP MYSQL and some python… the thing i want to know is that would i HAVE to use amazon php and python sdk or can I just install the application on the server???

  8. Hey thanks for great tutorial! The main question from me:
    will amazon notify me when free tier will be exceeded ?
    Btw, I didnt choose elastic ip or something like that, amazon just gives me opendns address.

  9. EC2 uses public IP addresses – ones that you can accesses via any computer connect to the internet. VPC you're using mostly private IPs, which can only be accesses by other VPC instances.

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