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Getting Started with Cron Job in the Linux Server: A Complete Tutorial for Beginner | by Audhi Aprilliant

What are cron, cron job, and crontab?

Cron is a system that helps Linux customers to schedule any activity. Nevertheless, a cron job is any outlined activity to run in a given time interval. It may be a shell script or a easy bash command. Cron job helps us automate our routine duties, it may be hourly, every day, month-to-month, and so on.

Observe: in most of Linux system, we should get a permission of system administrator earlier than defining a spesific cron job that’s listed on crontab

In the meantime, the crontab stands for cron desk. It’s a Linux system file that accommodates an inventory of the cron job. We outline our activity — bash command, shell script, Python script, and so on scheduled in crontab.

# Examine cron service on Linux system
sudo systemctl standing cron.service
Examine the cron service on the Linux system (Picture by Creator)

Perceive a cron job syntax

It’s time to find out about cron job syntax on crontab.

  • crontab -a : create a brand new as crontab file
  • crontab -e: edit our crontab file or create one if it doesn’t exist already
  • crontab -l: present up our crontab file
  • crontab -r: delete our crontab file
  • crontab -v: present up the final time we’ve edited our crontab file
minute(s) hour(s) day(s) month(s) weekday(s) command(s)
Description of the six columns on crontab file (Picture by Creator)

Observe: day names 0–6 start with Sunday. We will simply decide our schedule on

How one can deal with an error in your cron job

If the cron job encounters an error, the default, it should ship an e mail to the system administrator. As an alternative, we’ll discover out two widespread methods once we encounter the error.

1 Ship output to a particular file

It’s a standard means and I all the time apply it to my cron job. It’s easy. We simply must create a file that can save our cron job logs. It can print out the output simply in case the job is achieved correctly or print out an error if it fails.

On this tutorial, it simply created a log.out file. The output can be redirected to log.out.

* * * * * cd /dwelling/audhi && /bin/bash >> log.out

The outline of the above syntax on a crontab file is as follows.

  • The * * * * * signifies that a activity can be executed each minute of each hour of every single day of each month and every single day of the week
  • The listing can be switched to /dwelling/audhi the place the is situated
  • /bin/bash is the trail and executable of the Bash shell
  • The >> image will append the output to an present file (log.out), whereas a single > image will overwrite the file
  • The is a sure shell script
The crontab file on Linux system (Picture by Creator)

Observe: we have to write the entire and clear command in a crontab. It wanted to specify the file location utilizing cd

2 Use /dev/null

We will simply ship our cron job logs and error to the dev/null as a substitute of an alert by way of e mail. No matter we ship or write to dev/null, it is going to be discarded.

* * * * * cd /dwelling/audhi && /bin/bash > /dev/null 2>&1

Slightly description of the instructions:

  • The > /dev/null tells the cron to redirect the output (STDOUT) to /dev/null
  • 2 is the file descriptor for Commonplace Error (STDERR)
  • & is the image for file descriptor (with out it, the next 1 can be a filename)
  • 1 is the file descriptor for Commonplace Out (STDOUT)

Observe: The two>&1 tells the cron to redirect all errors (STDERR) to similar as commonplace out (STDOUT)

Write a easy cron automation script

To finish this text, I’ve created a Python script to display methods to use a cron job. This Python script will acquire the Covid-19 knowledge from one of many largest Indonesian on-line information, Kompas Information. You’ll find out my Python script for Covid-19 knowledge internet scraping at my GitHub repo. Its filename is Internet Scraping Covid-19 Kompas

Open our terminal and kind crontab -e to open a crontab file. Then, scroll down and kind the next command.

5 16 * * * cd 'covid19 knowledge' && /usr/bin/python3 'Internet Scraping Covid-19 Kompas' >> check.out

The outline of the above syntax on a crontab file is as follows.

  • The crontab is situated in /dwelling and my script is in /dwelling/covid19 knowledge , so we have to change to the /dwelling/covid19 knowledge first
  • The python3 interpreter is situated in /usr/bin/python3
  • The output can be redirected to check.out file in /dwelling/covid19 knowledge

Observe: cron makes use of the native time

You too can be taught Apache Airflow as job orchestration to automate the common activity!


The cron job runs on a Linux system to run and execute our common duties (terminal instructions). A very powerful factor to be taught concerning the cron job is the bash command on the terminal, methods to set our activity schedule, and ensure to catch the entire prospects when our script is operating on manufacturing, so we will stop the error.


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