GDELT & BigQuery: Understand the world

GDELT & BigQuery: Understand the world

The GDELT project aims to collect every relevant event in human society, and make it analyzable by anyone interested in learning from it. Hosted on Google BigQuery, it already indexes more than a quarter billion rows from the last 35 years, and grows daily with all the latest events and news. Join Google Developer Advocate Felipe Hoffa on his trip to meet Kalev Leetaru – the creator of the GDELT project, Louisa Koch – NOAA Education Director, and Amanda Traud – Data Scientist at L-3 Data Tactics. Together they’ll explore how government, academia, industry and end users can benefit from GDELT.

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12 thoughts on “GDELT & BigQuery: Understand the world

  1. It's ability to predict is only as good as the data it collects. NOAA data is pretty accurate because it comes from scientific instruments. However, so much of the reporting in the media all around the world that has gone into this system is fraught with error and plain lies. You must have accurate, unbiased information in order to make accurate predictions. Can you say GIGO?

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  3. Check out my analysis of GDELT conflict and insurgency data

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