[ GCP 1 ] Google Cloud Platform - Sign up for $300 free credit

[ GCP 1 ] Google Cloud Platform – Sign up for $300 free credit

In this video I will show you how to get started with Google cloud platform by signing up for a new account. You get $300 free credit for a 12 month period.

Google Cloud Platform for Beginners Playlist:

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21 thoughts on “[ GCP 1 ] Google Cloud Platform – Sign up for $300 free credit

  1. I started learning cloud and writing script using gcloud its showing list,instances but if i want to see kubernetes resources using kubectl its not working in script… is there any way to figureout

  2. Hi, Is there any need for details that should be matched between Gmail account and Card details? Actually, after signing up I'm getting the message like — Issue with a billing account, please verify and I'm not able to verify the account by making the transaction.

  3. I'm AWS certified pro. Your videos help me a lot in learning GCP. I have done quite a lot GCP courses in coursera and udemy. Yours is the best. Google should sponsor you. 🙂

  4. every time when i tried to create a vm instance its asking to pay 1rupee and im paying again and again its repeating nothing has changed execpt i lost 5 rupees

  5. @Just me and Opensource shall we use debit card for free trail account?

  6. hi sir… my name is dines.. i'm from malaysia … i wrong to click upgrade in google cloud .. so, i do cancel to upgrade. please help me sir.

  7. Hello sir..
    I created few same IOT devices, Iam using one of them with Google Firebase..And also created an Android App using Android Studio…. But here I want to connect multiple iot devices with cloud and these devices should connect Android app individually….
    So is it better to get started with Google cloud..???…. Please help me..

  8. Hi Venkat, can you please help me out to sing up for Google Cloud Platform using any "Virtual Credit Card" so that i don't need to set some reminder to cancel the subscription!

  9. When I sign up my account I got a message like this – Issue with billing account associated with project directed-racer-275715

  10. i adjust bill use 30$
    they send me notification every time usage but maybe not see it
    i want to stop vm after has reached his limit
    what best solution for stop vm after reach this pay

  11. Hello Venkat, can you make a video on aws lamda using python how we can update the launch configuration to use latest ami backup and update the autoscalling to use the updated launch config.

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