Full Cost Transparency with the 1&1 Cloud Server

Full Cost Transparency with the 1&1 Cloud Server

The “Interactive Invoice” is a free feature that enables 1&1 Cloud Server users to visually see and adjust their billing at any time. The ability to adjust your resources on-the-fly provides the added benefit of full cost control. With billing by the minute (starting from $0.00037/minute) or month ($9.99/month for a basic configuration), it is only necessary to pay for the configuration that is being used. By moderating infrastructure from both a technical and financial standpoint, it’s possible to switch, shut down, and adjust your package to meet your changing needs. In this video, 1&1’s Product Manager Cloud & Server, Dietrich Höschele, explains how the Interactive Invoice works and how users can get a deeper look into their account billing.

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2 thoughts on “Full Cost Transparency with the 1&1 Cloud Server

  1. Bull! Horrible service, scope creep on fees, and many complaints. How do you live with yourselves?!?
    Can't wait to move all my accounts off of 1and1.com. others tried to warn me, and now I've learned my lesson.

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