32 thoughts on “Free WordPress Hosting Tutorial (With SSL) – InfinityFree Setup Tutorial

  1. Hey man thanks a lot, i hit the like button. Just a question, when i open my domain i get this message:
    ''An Error Occurred
    . Services for this domain name have been disabled." with a fancy font and some vector art.
    When the site is not available yet it usually shows the advertisement as you said or something like ''this site cannot be reached". Is it normal?

  2. Hi I got the domain from porkbun. I followed your process and I couldn't go to wp-admin because it gives me an error "File not found" can you help? Thank you.

  3. sir i already created a wordpress before i found your tutorial. but sir just want to know if i already have the custom domain creation, is it necessary for me to create also a sub domain or having a custom domain is already ok? please need your help

  4. hi there, I have followed your stepby step giudance and all it is set up accordingly. But still I am getting some problems to open my website from outside my country. chrome or safari won't open the site at all.

  5. Hey what first we change name servers to infinity free and then to ☁️ cloud flare does it affect infinity free

  6. Dude, thank you, I'm from Brazil and fond your tutorial , the only one that helps, I was trying do this using Filezilla FTP with a subdomain to install WordPress for study and it was not working for some reason, so, thank you man

  7. After I completed the SSL following all the steps exactly as shown my site doesn’t work. When I try to enter the admin site, I get this error on chrome. “This site cannot provide a secure connection. *******.com sent an invalid response. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR” do you know a fix please lol?

  8. Can you tell me how to change custom servers in freenom? Because name servers in freenom are 5 not only 2 . Please help it would be so helpful . Thanks

  9. isn't required to change the nameservers to infinityfree. if we doesn't change how we get the web hosting. Assist me.

  10. Sir plzz tell me. If create a website using wordpress. My website is not secure then i install real simple ssl and acitvate then after they didnot show go to head an acitve they shown not enalble ssl, ssl certifcate is not get.

  11. Hi. Great video. I have free domain from freenom i.e. (.ga). Domain hosting is infinity free. I followed all the steps. I came to step that cloudfare is protecting my site. I hope it works after 3 hours. If it does not then what should i do?

  12. I bought a godaddy wordpress hosting basic plan but they say it does not support 3rd party ssl and they are charging 4k/year for ssl. Could you please help me somehow? Onebench.in is my domain

  13. I tried with another one of my sites and it said parts of this sites are not secure such as images…there is an https and an padlock icon but there is a yellow mark how to fix this? It worked with two other of my sites but not the third one…how can I fix this?

  14. Thank you. I didn't even have to use really simple ssl and just cloudflare and it worked, but I went on with it anyway

  15. Followed your steps by using Freenom and Cloudfare…
    Got this error up to know:
    "Really Simple SSL failed to detect a valid SSL certificate. If you do have an SSL certificate, try to reload this page over https by clicking this button"
    Went to Really Simple for instructions, but failed again… don't know what to do…
    I'm new to this development stuff, a help would be appreciated… 🙁

  16. Hi as a begginer i'm using freenom for domain and infinity free for hosting when im trying to get cloudfare ssl it show that i have to change 2 nameservers but in freenom 5 nameservers so what should i do to change it should i rename first 2 nameservers and keep the rest as it is or should i change all name nameservers Thank you

  17. what would you suggest for people who want to do a freelance business on the side? I want do have bookkeeping business but I need a website without the cost.

  18. Hello,
    First of all thanks for the video
    Really great video with Step by Step Neat explanation😍
    I got the SSL and everything worked perfect for ME!
    But in infinityfree, the wordpress is TOO SLOW!
    Any Solutions???
    Any Help would be Appreciated 🙂

  19. It says "Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g., example.com, not subdomain.example.com)"…
    How to solve this???

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