42 thoughts on “Free Email Hosting for Your Domain with Yandex

  1. Thank you so much for a very simple, step by step explanation. This is by far the most accurate explanation I came across on how to set up a Yandex email address using your own domain. Needless to say simply by following your video I was able to set up my business email address and it works flawlessly!

  2. I can send emails and they are not going in spam. That's good. But it a gmail address sends me mail, it goes to my spam folder, what to do?

  3. Thank you so much brother. I was looking to make business email but couldn't find any, until now. Loved the tutorial, thank you once again ❤

  4. HI, thank you for the video , i followed everything and i have an issue with the receiving emails, i can send emails from address but i don't receive the emails i send from a gmail address, i saw in you video you didn't try to reply back to the email you received at the end, do you think is because i have to wait 72 h like they say in the description and them it will work, or it could be something else? Thank you for you answer, Regards, Alex

  5. is the 1800 TTL applicable for al zones .. or it depends on region? Yandex previously suggested to fill TTL with 21600. do you have suggestions? thanks.. Also have to delete any ctive MX record e.g google.. plus yoyr Cpanel is a bit of an old verion .. New Cpanel from Plesk just need @

  6. Great video. I have a question. I can send but can’t receive emails. Domain is registered with Godaddy. What could be the reason?

  7. thanks so much fir the video !!!!
    – but i am going mad –
    Yandex says "

    Domain is confirmed and ready" but yet i created a new email and it doesnt work… i dont know what to do. Yandex customer seriv ce is not being very helpful.. Could i perhaps send you a screenshot over? thanks !!!!

  8. this is video onderful , i have juste problème the message not send and not received why ? because i configured step by step , thnk's you for this video just i'm attend for réponde

  9. i am not understanding.. i need to have a account in this site rigel it? what i need to do after creat a free domain?

  10. Honestly , why would this amazing video get 9 dislikes ! I honestly feel they need urgent medical help! Amazing video , thank you so much HT !

  11. Make easier to change Default logo & Use Custom Logo. Or upload a video How to change Default logo with API….. Also please how to use custom url.. instead of mail.yandex.com?

  12. Make easier to change Default logo & Use Custom Logo. Or upload a video How to change Default logo with API….. Also please how to use custom url.. instead of mail.yandex.com?

  13. Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner, do you know how to fix this? because when i want to sent email from outlook, it always rejected because message is spam.

  14. Hi, I purchased a domain from GoDaddy and I am using infinity free hosting. When I connected my domain with hosting, I had to change the nameserver and after that GoDaddy DNS management is not working as it is shifted to hosting. But in the Infinity free hosting, there is an only option to add MX records in cPanel but no option to add TXT CNAME like this. In this case what should I do now?

  15. Can any one please help me..whenever i want to add a CNAME record the following error message shows every time "Error: mail.idfbd.org. already has a A record. You may not mix CNAME records with other records for the same name." I tried to do this after deleting existing CNAME record but same message remains..

  16. i can not find DKIM Signature. i only see 3 entries

    Domain is confirmed and ready

    Host Record type Record value Priority

    mail CNAME domain.mail.yandex.net.

    @ MX mx.yandex.net. 10

    @ Txt v = spf1 redirect = _spf.yandex.net

    i am using freeola/getdoted which does not have a proper cpanel as a registrar and see these DNS records

    CNAME Records:

    Subdomain mail.mydomain.uk Target hostname domain.mail.yandex.net.

    TXT Records

    Subdomain @.mydomain.uk yandex-verification: 227d153c6decd356

    Subdomain @.mydomain.uk v=spf1 redirect=_spf.yandex.net

    MX Records

    Hostname mx.yandex.net Priority 10

    I am not sure if i have forgotten one of the fist steps. bu ti can send and receive emails via yandex with my domain

    I have followed your steps yesterday evening and I could see the DKIM. Does the DKIM show up after you have used it again?

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