Free Cloud Phone System? | Setup FreePBX on AWS

Free Cloud Phone System? | Setup FreePBX on AWS

In this video I walk you through step by step how to setup and configure FreePBX on AWS using an EC2 instance. (Virtual Server) AWS has something called the “Free Tier” for 12 months so in theory you truly could have a free phone system. You would still need to pay for PSTN calling of course, but the phone system would be free!

0:00 Intro
0:59 What is Asterisk and FreePBX?
3:10 Launching the AMI
9:14 Configuring the FreePBX Interface
16:05 How to SSH into your Instance
19:52 Setting up the FreePBX NAT and Network
22:12 Configuring a Trunk on FreePBX
24:38 Setting up Extensions on FreePBX
25:25 Outro

Here is the root password for the demo FreePBX instance: 68HR(q63626jBBx8#33d
***You must SSH into the instance and change this password – see how in the video!!***

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15 thoughts on “Free Cloud Phone System? | Setup FreePBX on AWS

  1. Hey, thanks for the tutorial! I can't seem to connect to the instance using PuTTY. It states "Server refused our key". I checked it with another AMI and there it works, so I assume it's not the key. Any idea would could be going on here?

  2. Absolutely incredible video, really detailed simple and way better than any other tutorial I have found on youtube. You should be really proud of yourself.

  3. Did you change the root password, I get permission denied when I try to paste the one in the video description.

  4. I seem to be running into issues getting audio to play on my incoming calls from DID. Maybe this is an RTP issue?

  5. I'm not able to register Phone in FreePBX hosted in AWS. Port 5060 is not allowed. Could you please guide me?

  6. I have tried this, I'm not able to register 3CX Phone in FreePBX running on AWS. My security group allows all ports from all IPs. Am I missing something?

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