4 thoughts on “FileMaker Hosting | Comparing FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker Server

  1. Hi, is it true that container objects can not be stored externally using FM Cloud? Also, is the 5 user minimum for FileMaker Cloud really 5 concurrent users? In other words, can I have 20 infrequent users (via WebDirect or FMGo) with a cap on concurrent access at 5, or do I need a license for each user even if I never exceed 5 concurrent users)? Thanks in advance. -Jeff

  2. A client I have has 5 users and wants an online system. $2340 a year seems steep for the cloud. For just 5 users.

  3. What about hosting FM on Azure? It seems to be less expensive than aws.


  4. If you're wanting to know the details between the all-new FileMaker Cloud and traditional server, join me here for the details or post more questions below!

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