12 thoughts on “Explained! What is offshore hosting?

  1. Great Video ! I am find some best offshore hosting name here. Can i add your name also ?

  2. Can I use offshore hosting to make a website where I could upload softwares , games .. etc that don’t belong to me ?

  3. Hi, I have seen most of your Youtube videos, regarding Backtrack and all. And i am having some doubts.
    If i want to listen to a RAT placed on a victims phone, my router must port forward the incoming signal to my device, right? But, I am under a NAT, ( Using a Smartphone internet). I would like to take a connection which will allow me to port forward. When i looked into that, i came up with Static and Dynamic IP and all. If i chose dynamic IP connection what will be the available features and what willbe the unavailable features? Is it necessary to have a static ip to ensure all features.

  4. Hey,I love your video very much,however,your speed is too fast for me.Couldyou give me some relevent materials?

  5. Welcome to the under 301 club.

    I remember subscribing to Jackk when he only had around 5,000 subscribers.
    They grow up so fast. :')

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