Everything you need to know before hosting any Website -Cloud Hosting v/s Web Hosting 🔥

Everything you need to know before hosting any Website -Cloud Hosting v/s Web Hosting

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Topic Introduction:-
Cloud Hosting v/s Traditional Web Hosting | Brief Comparison | Better Choice for You – Live Example 🔥🔥

What is traditional web hosting?
There are two main types of traditional web hosting – shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In shared hosting, a website owner pays for a fixed amount of storage space on a single server whose resources are typically shared by a number of other websites as well, hence the name. Shared hosting is the most affordable and widely used type of web hosting. It is also particularly popular amongst beginners on the World Wide Web.

What is cloud computing?
Cloud computing/hosting refers to hosting on ‘virtual’ space, not on a physical server. Unlike traditional web hosting where you have to pay upfront for a fixed data storage space and processing power, with cloud hosting, you only have to pay for the storage space which you currently use. Cloud computing is relatively new when compared to the more established traditional web hosting which has been around for ages.

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11 thoughts on “Everything you need to know before hosting any Website -Cloud Hosting v/s Web Hosting

  1. Sir jo affiliate website hoti hey wah konsa server le. Starting me uska budget nhi hota. Dusra ye hota ke isme ads se traffic bhejte hey tab server down ho sakta hey?

  2. In Site ground shared hosting.. what is meaning of " Suitable member of monthly visits "? Pls explain..
    And make video on shared hosting features like bandwidth, storage, visitors/month, ect..
    Comparing features among some hosting provider. .

  3. Very nicely explained. But please tell me what is VPS Hosting? Is it better than cloud hosting? If cloud hosting is better than others, then why cloud hosting cost is cheaper than dedicated server or vps hosting?

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