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Easy Steps To Point Your Domain To Your SiteGround Hosting |

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Once you have a domain name registered with NameCheap, and web hosting set up with SiteGround, the third step is to connect the two together. In other words, what we need to do next is point your domain name to your hosted web space. This gets a tad technical, but it isn’t anything we can’t handle! Follow me along, and I’ll walk you through the process.

Show notes:

In order to point your domain name to your web space on SiteGround, you’ll first need to register your domain name with NameCheap. I show you exactly how to do that in this video:

Once you have a domain name registered, the next thing you’ll need is to set up web hosting with SiteGround. I show you exactly how to do that in my video, Setting Up Rock Solid Web Hosting That’ll Grow With Your Needs Using SiteGround:

If you’re not sure about all this domain name stuff, I outline and clarify things in my post, What You Need To Know About Domain Names For Business:

Recommended Services:

– Domain registration:
– Solid web hosting (with discount!):
– Business-grade email:

* Keep these three web services with separate companies. Here’s why:


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43 thoughts on “Easy Steps To Point Your Domain To Your SiteGround Hosting |

  1. Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to point my Site Ground domain name to my Shopify account. Can you help?

  2. Appreciate the info, Geoff. Just found out according to Siteground policy, to transfer a domain, the domain needs to be registered for at least 60 days before the switch. https://www.siteground.com/kb/transfer-domain-siteground/

  3. Thank you so much! I almost felt like giving up, because I had no idea how to change the server! You saved me!

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  5. Awesome tutorial, well explained! I was stuck on this for a bit, however you cleared up my confusion, big thanks Geoff!

  6. You took 10 minutes to tell about 2-minute thing. it was pretty straight forward. well. it was useful to know about that but irritating to wait. Thanks

  7. I'm sorry to ask this here but how's namecheap stellar service compared to siteground startup service ??? Really my hosting is expiring with siteground but their renewal prices are scary 😨😱 so I need opinions on this please. Thank you.

  8. if I buy on NameCheap and point to SiteGround, am I still getting covered by SiteGrounds security? Or is it NameCheaps?
    As in WhoIs privacy and 2FA?

  9. What I don't really understand is why we need NameCheap? Doesn't SiteGround also offer Hosting? I just chose my domain name through SiteGround first things first when I had to pay for their hosting package. Do I still need NameCheap?

  10. Dude, thanks so much for this. I couldn't figure out how to save my DNS entries on Namecheap. That little checkmark is not intuitive at all!! Thanks again

  11. Thank you so much:)This is exactly what i was looking for.GOD bless you for your wonderful Graciousness:):):) (showing us how to do theses things,which otherwise we did not know how to do this)

  12. What happen if you have your go daddy domain but you don't have a siteground account and you want to host your domain there?? Please help

  13. What the hell is name cheap? Why does it have to be registered with that specifically? Why can't you just explain how to point he domain name regardless of where it was registered??

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