14 thoughts on “DVR – CLOUD ENABLED – No Port Forwarding to Remote View CCTV DVR

  1. I think any cloud dvr is not safe if we need to use cloud service on anything in life then is same like if we put our valet to the street and leave it there anyone can see it and pick it up.some Chinese dvr has default user account  that cannot be removed so the manufacture or who has the backdoor password anytime can play big brother.same with cloud those who run the server they have ability to trace trough streaming worldwide.the problem is that these h.264 dvrs or Chinese clones has poor application or some ofthem doesn't work correctly.and again what if the cloud service the company decide to close down then the dvr will not work as standard nat dvr with port forwarded ip.then the unit will be useless.

  2. this system was working for a few days, but not anymore. the message now is 'user does not exist.' whereas i can access the DVR from my mobile phone
    what could be the problem ?

  3. да хорошо ты можешь китайские  также про комментировать пожалуйста с уважением Казахстан .

  4. hello Saravanan AL i have problem to set up my DVR i try many referent way but cant connect to the camera please help if you can my dvr serial no 12 digit cant set up by p2p iwill my dvr is xvim cctv 

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