35 thoughts on “Docker Explained

  1. This got deep really fast and way over most peoples head.. just makes me ask why use docker it sounds super complicated and over engineered to do simple stuff

  2. Wow, information-dense for sure. I am learning how to use docker in my workflow and this helped me piece together so many things. Will have to rewatch a few times. Thanks!

  3. Wow!!! – I have been reading and watching videos on Docker and your is the first real use example and you explained the internal network. It may seem like you are talking in a fast pace, but I like it. I learned more in the 23 minutes watching your video than I have ever learned from hours on other videos and blogs. A few questions that I still have is regarding load balancing; like what happen if you provision additional nginix containers and additional php-fpm containers; how does the load balancing work and how does nginix knows the php-fpm container name? I see that php-fpm gets the MAIL_HOST from the environment variable, but not the port; so the php-fpm must be hard coded with the Mailhog port. This your first video and I like and subscribed and looking to future videos. Thanks.

  4. Best video for Docker! Thank you so much for your detailed explanation…learned alot! You gained a subscriber!

  5. great explanation! Thank you for releasing one more video. This is gonna be a hit as your API Webservices video 🙂

  6. I just discovered this video and its great, really interesting. And Im wondering whether the stream happened or not and if there is a video of that stream

  7. Thank you so much! The clearest explanation so far! Damn I missed the livestream… Is there, by any chance, that you pinned it somewhere? 🙁

  8. I get the sense that those developers that are used to virtual machines are better suited to understand the value that docker brings. But I'm struggling to figure out when I would want to use it. On the one hand, I feel like docker has everything that I would need to make the things I want to make, but I feel like I would have to learn something that doesn't seem to be much better than my current options for no noticeable benefit. I can use MAMP for WordPress work, and I've got Postgres and pgAdmin for other apps I work on. I just don't know why I should make the switch.

    Still learning docker, so I'm almost certain that I'm missing something.

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