Disaster Recovery Overview

Disaster Recovery Overview

In this episode of Get Cooking in Cloud, Priyanka Vergadia shares her recipe for planning ahead with Disaster Recovery on Google Cloud Platform.

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8 thoughts on “Disaster Recovery Overview

  1. Good video 🙂 but what I missing is different between high availability and business continuity. DR without business continuity isn't real DR. What I very often see is that HA is confused with DR. Clients using HA RPO/RTO for reference for DR RPO/RTO.

  2. Hmm the weight scale with GCP cost vs On-Prem cost. It looks like the GCP cost is "heavier" which is easily interpreted as "more", while visually the GCP cost is "lower", which I am sure is intended here. Due to this confusion, the use of a weight scale is probably not the best choice here.

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