15 thoughts on “DigitalOcean: My Cloud Hosting service of choice

  1. Thumbs up for DO. I myself have been personally using Digital Ocean for my hosting needs through cloudways.com, a managed hosting service provider. DO has proven to be super reliable and super fast. If anyone is looking to get a discount to get started with DO, be sure to visit Cloudways, as they are currently running a black friday deal that gives $150 off hosting credits.

  2. DigitalOcean: Free $10 credit to deploy an SSD VPS. Ends 4/30/2014 (NEW)

  3. I've installed zPanel before on a DigitalOcean CentOS Droplet. It is like a cheap version of cPanel, however it only supports an early version of PHP 5.3, which is useless for me considering I do alot with Laravel. There are ways to upgrade to the most current version of PHP, but I don't have time to mess with it. If you're looking for something to manage sites, go with it, but if your apps demand the very latest PHP has to offer then you'll spend some time updating everything. 

  4. thanks for the video. i'm considering digital ocean to play around in as well. other tutorials i've seen don't use LAMP but use zPanel. have you gotten a chance to take a look at that?

  5. Can not be used by my viewers that use Windows , only Linux and OSX users. I cater to everyone regardless of OS, I'm not pro anything, so I'm not going to promote something that can not be used by all my viewers or something that's not user friendly.

  6. It may be, I don't know much about CentOS, but I do know Digital Ocean allows you to use 32 and 64 bit versions of either CentOS 5.8 or CentOS 6.4

  7. What I've read about Ubuntu One is that it's just a personal cloud. Does it include web hosting? If it doesn't include Web Hosting then it's really of no use to a web developer.

  8. I didn't choose Ubuntu One because I was still running Windows 7, I was looking at a cheap Cloud Host so I could experiment with, I had not been considering switching to Linux, but after working with this service in Windows, and other considerations I switched over…Like I said I'm new to cloud hosting and Linux and for me, being new to both, this was easy to set up and get running.

  9. It's extremely easy to use, I have no experience what-so-ever with cloud hosting and it took me less than a minute to install the VM, and about 30 minutes to set up the LAMP stack, but then again I had KNOW idea what I was doing…lol…followed the tutorials and it was a breeze…

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