25 thoughts on “Differences Between Cloud Computing and Virtualization

  1. Yes, then entire pool of administrators will eventualy lose jobs? Everything will be centralised to some "trusty" company? There come some AI in next 15 years from now, that will code/program apps/dapps and we all lose jobs because we humans, we are not effective enough? Guess what, there is 7 500 000 000 humans on this planet and more than that, only 2% of that number, have advanced knowledge in IT, and yet there is 2 000 000 000 computer users and growing. There is nothing yet, such as cloud computing or api that can shut down jobs

  2. i need to know about opportunities in cloud computing
    is this development?
    or support or maintain any database?
    pls answer

  3. Zoe love that you called the "outsourced to an automated layer" for cloud computing
    please keep posting tutorials videos

  4. How easy to use are these APIs that replace sysadmins and the typical virtualization stack? Do you have to typically hire a team of developers to figure out these APIs and how to bolt things together, or is that something that goes on behind the scenes "in the cloud"? Thanks.

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