Deploying Node.js apps on Google App Engine

Deploying Node.js apps on Google App Engine

This video shows you how to deploy a Node.js application on Google App Engine.

If you don’t have a Google Cloud Platform account please check out our video on signing up for a free trial:

More information on Node.js on Google Cloud:
gcloud SDK installation:

Quick Command Reference:
gcloud init – log in and setup up the SDK
gcloud preview app deploy – deploy your application
gcloud preview app versions stop main – shutdown your application
gcloud preview app browse – open your browser to your deployed app


22 thoughts on “Deploying Node.js apps on Google App Engine

  1. Hey, guys! I'm using KeystoneJS framework, that uses Node.js+MongoDB. How can I also deploy MongoDB with my Node.js app?

  2. What you dont tell us is how to SETUP a project folder, how does Gcloud KNOW where that nodejs folder is @0:51 ? are you using some special program or windows cmd shell?

  3. ERROR: (gcloud) Invalid choice: 'preview'.
    Usage: gcloud [optional flags] <group | command>
    group may be app | auth | components | compute | config |
    container | dataflow | dataproc | datastore | debug |
    deployment-manager | dns | domains | endpoints |
    firebase | iam | iot | kms | logging | ml | ml-engine |
    organizations | projects | pubsub | services | source |
    spanner | sql | topic
    command may be docker | feedback | help | info | init | version

  4. From this video I was able to upload my node.js application to google cloud! There are alot of benefits to using google cloud, some of which are talked about on

  5. hello I am trying to deploy a hello world app on google app engine i have to activate billing address to use even if i do not exceed the quota …please help me "ERROR: ( You do not have permission to access project [mazouzialami] (or it may not exist): The caller does not have permission"

  6. Hello Mr.Sandeep Dinesh, i am facing problem to enable payment mode during the host process. I got an error as invalid credit/debit card number. My debit card number was inputted correct and i was tried with two different card but the result was same. Can you suggest me any solution ?

  7. gcloud said "Invalid choice:''preview". I already set up the configuration through the gcloud init command. Why the preview is not an option on the list?

  8. Great video. Though, I'm getting a deployment error described here:

    Any help appreciated.

  9. Could you say that a bit faster.. There are still a few frames in the video that are duplicated.. FASTER!!!! hehehe..

    Good video.

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