45 thoughts on “Deploying Django to a server – Django Web Development with Python p.12

  1. incase someone else could not get TinyMCE to work
    try installing his version 1.7.3
    worked for me after trying everything possible

    python3 -m pip uninstall django django-tinymce4-lite
    python3 -m pip install django "django-tinymce4-lite~=1.7.3"

  2. Here is a little mistake in your mysite.conf file.
    " Alias /static/ /var/www/mysite/media/" – it should be Alias /media/ /var/www/mysite/media/
    Otherwise your cannot retrieve media files when you set your project in production mode i.e DEBUG = False. Hope it will help someone!

  3. You literally were the teacher for me to put my hands on Django project. I appreciate you and all the team member's time and the effort.

  4. Hi, In the tinymce editor, image uploading from a local machine is not working?? Can anyone tell me why it is happening and what code do I need to add in the existing tinymce configuration code.

  5. Hi bro, this series is really good for me to start learning Django. can you do a video to connect django with other db such as mssql or ibm db2.

  6. Hey thanks.
    Lets suppose, web is used by a Bank. How do we restrict/NOT allow "root" to add/modify anything on database/data, ONLY bank employee should update data.

  7. Tim, can I run the Apache Server and the test website (mysite) in a Ubuntu Virtual Window on a Win 10 machine (i.e. not in a linode or other cloud server)? What changes do I need to make to your scripts to run it there?
    Also, can this Django Apache Server deployment process work in a Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB) located on the same local network? Thanks.

  8. Getting a good error of "no module named django" inside the logs of apache2 with apache2 server. Wasn't this supposed to happen on windows? what the actual fuck. Apache2 server can not load the site-packages. I can run it manually but no luck with apache at all

  9. HI! If I'm developing in Windows, what's the best environment, a linux VM, linux subsystem, or Docker? Other alternatives? What's the best way to develop with Django. This to avoid production issues.

  10. Hi Sentdex, thanks for this beautiful video, could you also do Django rest API with react/angular would be great.

  11. hey man, im getting [error 13 ] permission denied, everytime i try uploading a file. I already added MEDIA_URL = '/media/' and MEDIA_ROOT='/var/www/website/media/' in my settings.py and granted all access in website.conf. Perhaps, few lines of codes should be added to wsgi.py, idk. Any soutions? Thanks!

  12. I have a request. I want to know how to use a CDN or maybe if it's possible another instance on the same server to serve the media files, since Django docs say that the way Django does it is zero efficient and probably unsafe (can't find that bit right now).

    Thanks a ton. You are one of the funniest tutors out there. 🙂

  13. Good tutorials, did learn alot with you, would like to see some showing how you use multiple apps in the same site, would you create a new app, create new modules? And then use import in the main app?

  14. Hello, guys! Sentdex rules!))) Great videos without being bored to death like it happens all the time with other teachers – this teacher knows how to get our attention. Unfortunately Linode sucks – they charge you 100% even when your VPS are down for few months – they get it for "SAVING OUR DATA" – expensive saving mode indeed!!! When you made few attempts and decided to return to it later you need to pay for it all the down time. It is so sad to be fooled like that and to pay for services you do not use. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  15. can you make a tutorial on how to put graphs or images into djangos. I've looked over the net and there arent any good ones

  16. everything is running good but server is showing error 500 while adding image from admin site any solution for this problem?

  17. Hello Sir
    could you kindly do a tutorial on how to view uploaded images (models.ImageField) in the browser . I have tried to do so even googled solutions. However, my images I can only see icons of the image instead of the image itself.
    Thank you

  18. This new Django series has so much more than the old one. My 9 hours are well-spent today.

  19. Your Tutorials helped me alot learning django and web development . Sentdex is best in world
    Where did you get those fancy looking mugs? Could you gift me one? 😛

  20. i was looking forward to seeing how you manage your file uploads particularly images that we see on the front page…but you skipped that part, i am very disappointed

  21. on a side note do you know what happeend to bucky form thenewboston he disappeared without even acknolowging or making a goodbye video and lots of fans r worried about him including me

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