19 thoughts on “Deploying a react app to AWS

  1. Can I deploy a spring boot application in same process? Can you make a video for spring boot application deployment?

  2. Good Stuff! One thing that was bugging me in the whole video was you trying faking American accent, and your usage of 'GONNA WANNA' in the whole video. Please try being real.

  3. thank you for this awesome tutorial, it helps alot, BTW how to connect this amplify deployed app to custom domain in Router 53 and is the current app stored in s3 or it is related to amplify

  4. Thank you very much for this great video!! Quick question. What if I want to connect to my own domain?

  5. I could understand that the app is on aws amplify, since this is a sample app, this would be ok. But what about real web app with functionality? How would you deploy that?

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