32 thoughts on “Deploy Node.js App To Digital Ocean Server

  1. If somebody wants to copy the commands then currently this page is not available anymore, but possible copy-paste here https://web.archive.org/web/20170528104056/http://www.traversymedia.com/deploying-node-js-to-digital-ocean/

  2. This is really helpful indeed! These days running curl before "sudo apt-get install nodejs" doesn't seem to be necessary, though.

    There's a number of other details that may be worth mentioning, but I'll probably won't mention them until I research them more (aspects regarding TypeScript + pm2, running multiple node apps, installing DB, https and others).

  3. I'm new to Digital Ocean and Ubuntu. Are there plans where the server doesn't reset? I am used to AWS/Windows.

  4. great tutorial man. because this was 3 years ago. is there an updated steps for this or should i just follow everything?

  5. That link to the blog instruction post doesn't work anymore. Is there a newer version of this video for 2020 that anyone knows about?

  6. Hi brad and everyone, I’m currently finding ways to deploy my mern stack application to digital ocean. Was just wondering if this video is still applicable in 2020? Also, I also want to ask, if we want to run both front end and backend using pm2 , do I put it like this? pm2 start index.js && pm2 start client/index.js? Thank you!

  7. The blog post is not longer a valid link, does anyone have a new one? Also, you didn't install an Apache/Nginx server, I'm guessing you already had one installed seeing that you have a /var directory… I thought web files had to be placed inside the /var/www/html folder to be displayed on the web?

  8. if my host shuts down or restarts the server for some reason, do I need to login and run pm2 start app.js or will it automatically start?

  9. Hey Brad – do you know if it is possible to run a MERN app on DigitalOcean that pulls from a MongoDB Atlas database?
    Followed one of your guides for deploying MERN to Heroku. Looking to move to DO. Would love your thoughts on this.

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