39 thoughts on “Create Your Own Cloud Gaming Server at Home

  1. Me brother had a really bad pc and can’t run Fortnite on it so of he does this can he than run fortnite without lag on 1080p with 60 FPS?

  2. is this the equivalent to Shadow Tech ? i use to have Shadow but i wanted another alternative that will allow me to use my regular laptop as a gaming pc with no lag when gaming or suffering the web. so I'm wondering if i can do that for this software as well.

  3. What if you don´t want to game and just want to surf the web or do some work, can this also we used? Because I don't want to use the pc for just gaming.

  4. Hello great video i always wanted a launcher i can have some fun on without having to pay them big prices i have been seeing. But i do have a question. Is there a launcher like this one that i can use that will let me change things around like colors and what not?

  5. lol, so I have been doing this with my headless server at home. but I have been using steam link. so this would be the best way to say play overwatch or borderlands 3 ( got it on epic). my biggest reason for me wanting to set something like tis up was for retro gaming. so using steam link has been good for that with bigbox and all my save states are in one spot. but.. I might just go down this path and see how I like it.
    see I was already running a plex server that was on 24/7 so I put a 1080 in it and now its a headless dual media/gaming server lol

  6. Love the detailed video. Tried this on my pc and hell yeah it works with little to no latency. Hopefully one day I'll have a dedicated headless server for this purpose running 24/7.

  7. So, I presume you'd have to not only have a good internet connection, a second device, but also fairly good specs on the host device. This is me responding without watching the whole video first. I'm trying to research some stuff.

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