14 thoughts on “Create An e-commerce Website AFFORABLY Using Hostinger & Woocommerce | Basic Woocommerce Tutorial

  1. Hello, I was thinking of starting my ecommerce business on a managed wordpress hosting platform then moving it to a managed ecommerce platform when it grows. Does that sound like a good idea to you?

  2. Hi [email protected] did you make another part of this video where you will teach more about creating of e-commerce website and modify in professional way.. bcoz i search in playlist i didn't find it,if your make videos please provide me link thank you!!!

  3. Thank you for the tips, this really helps. I’m starting up my small business and looking at platforms for my website. After watching your video I’m leaning towards Hostinger. Please do more videos on this, would love as much info as I can get.

  4. I tried to install woocommerce. It's failed saying domain name is parked free. What does that mean?

  5. which hostinger plan offers woo commerce service: Basic/premium or business with all the features of woo commerce. I am still a fresher and want cheapest host that support many basic features of woo commerce. Thank you Sam.

  6. Right what i was looking for. I was curious to know if Hostinger with all the mouth watering offers, i think they have the best offer available for value though i have some doubt about the quality. Right now i use bluehost with my site, but i intend creating a new woo commerce with a different hosting service and i choose hostinger more because it promise more than the rest at the price.. but my question is regardless of you being affiliated to hostinger. I trust it would deliver above moderate in terms of quality, and your advice about if i should use the premium option hope it would interact well with wordpress/woo commerce. and lastly i would love to see more of such tutorial. i would be glad if your advice comes quick enough.

  7. Hi, how if I don't have to use WordPress? Because I saw Hostingers also have plan for making a website. Does Hostingers website have Woocommerce plugin? Thank you kindly 🙂

  8. Yes, I want to see more tutorials on setting up a WordPress site with woo-commerce. My next project for my handmade business is a website that is shoppable. I have tried on Squareup and it is awful, with a technical glitch that they cannot fix so it is useless to me. Next up was Ecwid which has been fairly intuitive but I can see where it is an endless stream of addons that are going to add up quickly. So hopefully this combination will be the winner for me. Thanks for being clear with information and instructions.

  9. I like WordPress. Over 30% of all websites on WordPress. All new techs come to WordPress first. Especially, it's important for content marketing. That's cool to have such a plugin to set up an e-commerce project on WordPress.

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