Cloudways Tutorial & How To Install WordPress

Cloudways Tutorial & How To Install WordPress

Cloudways Tutorial & How To Install WordPress

Looking for an easy way to start using Cloud Hosting for your WordPress website? Let me show you how to setup Cloudways Cloud Hosting and install WordPress ready to start building your website.

This easy to follow Cloudways Tutorial will get you comfortable with how the whole process works.

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30 thoughts on “Cloudways Tutorial & How To Install WordPress

  1. Cloudways have horrible technical support, we are trying to get our billing figured out for the second day and they just ignore and close the chat before I have a moment to read their template reply! Very disappointing

  2. Thank you! Jeeeeeez… trying to migrate – working beautifully fast then screwed up somewhere with the DNS settings. Your videos are gold and I wish cloudways would put them on their own site because I found the help sheets a little vague.

  3. This is something I would like to try. Been using ordinary web hosts in the past (arvixe, hostgator and site ground), cloudways features looks good to me except that it doesnt include smtp. What I would like to understand is the pricing. As you know, web hosts have fixed monthly and yearly pricing but for pay as you go model, i am not sure if it will reduce my cost or it will give me surprise charges as i dont know how can i estimate websites needs (multiple websites) and how much it will be. any suggestion how can i weigh options? if not cloudways, options are siteground and ionos. thanks

  4. Hi Paul, based on the single WP install you did on the trial setup, it seems you used up a good chunk of your storage. Can you say how much a typical blank WP installation uses in storage?

  5. Hello, it's me again! So I can purchase a server, structure, and build my site via WordPress, and after all that connect my domain and leave wix? Is that a reasonable thought?

  6. Great review as always! But i have a question. Why to use cloudways instead of digital ocean directly?

  7. I am very confused on what the different priced plans give you as far as actually hosting small (15 pages or less) websites to medium (15 to 50 page websites). I mainly do work for small carpet cleaning websites, plumbing websites, those types of sites.

    What would I need as far as a price per month to handle the type of traffic that those average sites get.

    There is a lot in this video to like – especially the cloning and staging. Can anyone help me out with what I would type of a plan I would need to host let's say 20 smaller to medium sites?

    The email issue does concern me. I will look up the alternative mentioned in this video. Does anyone have any comment about this email service?

  8. Hello Team,

    Nice and motivated video thank you for sharing with us. I am having 1 request with you to make a separate video on Smpt server to host business email address or on rackspace video.

  9. Hi Sir, my client having a blog which contains nearly 3gb images thats why I cant able to get backup. what to do. please help me.. thnxx

  10. Thanks Paul C for this great video. We can be masters at Elementor or whatever page builder we use, but without the appropriate hosting environment, all our hard work can be at the mercy of their limitations. Thanks for videos like this that dig deeper into this important aspect of what we do and help us make informed decisions, for us and our clients. Can't wait for the next two…

  11. Hey Paul, here is a product that I used for some time that is not a wordpress plugin but integrates with wordpress and a bunch of other things. Have a look at I think you may find it interesting


  12. Finally replaced my steering wheel with a mouse wheel and I have to say that you didn't let me down!
    I signed up for their trial a week or 2 ago, but never got the opportunity to click around as I had other fires to put out. I'm much more used to the quirks of cPanel so Coudways seemed rather daunting. Now I see that it's just a different approach yet it appears to have some additional tricks that should prove useful.
    The major negative is not having email hosting but for several of my sites, I can get away with a plugin as the client uses Gsuite. I have 2 other sites that I will have to either convert to Gsuite or establish separate email hosting.
    I'm excited to see the next couple of videos on this subject. Awesome job Paul and many thanks to #Cloudways for reaching out to a great teacher!

  13. Nice basic overview. Looking forward to more detailed videos. I've been using Cloudways/Digital Ocean for about a year (also Siteground, A2, and Turnkey). Great platform, fast. The biggest downside is no email integration or file manager. I would like to see a video on email options when using Cloudways. And setting up SMTP on Cloudways. My clients want email with their domain and it is a pain to set up Google Mail, Zoho, Fastmail, etc.. I spend more time on email than on their websites.

  14. I've been using CW for about 4 years for all WP sites which can't be static, and still haven't found another platform that offers better performance, flexibility, power, or value.

    In my experience, I rate the support at about 95%, and no downtime. I mainly use Vultr for Australian sites, and have a new project we are about to embark on which will use GCE in USA for the production sites. The way CW enables us to build sites on Vultr in AU on low cost VPSs that run super quick, then clone across to deploy to GCE in USA all within the CW platform is amazing! CW all the way 👌

  15. Unless you use that very bottom service (as in this video) It's stupid expensive for what Ive see so far. Video one gets an apathetic 'MEH' so far…. I await the astounding stuff.

  16. Just want to throw my 2-cents in. As a developer, I am using this service and have also set up some of my customers on it. It is FAST and the support is great! I highly recommend it.

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