Cloudways Review & Complete Setup Tutorial - The Best Cloud Web Hosting in 2020!?

Cloudways Review & Complete Setup Tutorial – The Best Cloud Web Hosting in 2020!?

Here’s my honest experience with Cloudways and I’ll show you how to install WordPress, migrate an existing website & take it live. Then we’ll learn how to setup …

48 thoughts on “Cloudways Review & Complete Setup Tutorial – The Best Cloud Web Hosting in 2020!?

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  2. is there a reliable alternative for transactional emails for eCommerce site when using cloudways instead of elastic email?

  3. This is a really good video, We tracked down an article about Is Cloudways the Best WordPress Host? let's see

  4. Thank you man! It was one the best tutorial about cloudways ans emailing, what do you suggest for email marketing for those who has cloudways as a hosting provider and use wordpress? Elastic email or mailchimp?

  5. Excellent tutorial Hogan! Clear and easy to follow. I noticed when you went to install SSL Certificate it requested 2 email addresses below! Can they my your gmails or do they have to be from the domain?

  6. Excellent and clear, well done. Quick question, when you set up the Primary Domain name, what is the relevance of that if you plan on importing several websites with different domains?

  7. very nice review and instruction

    to use Rackspace, this is the email for the entire-server, correct?
    so, one website per server to use Rackspace? is this correct?

  8. Thank you for actually showing us how to migrate and connect, I was scared myself that the website would break. But was very easy since we can actually test it before changing the nameservers.

  9. Hello. Well done for your video !!
    I want to ask about wordpress files and ftp.
    If I want to edit wp files via ftp or from file management, I have to go to hostgator again or I have access from cloudways?
    Thank you !

  10. I've been using Cloudways for the last 2 years, the speed is amazing and support is actually not that bad (like what others said)

  11. Thank you for actually showing us how to setup the emails part in cloudways and rackspace – alot of tutorials didn't cover it and I was lost!

  12. Hi Hogan can you do more Tutorial on Elastic Email and Rackspace email how Aliases, Forwarding mail and Catch All works. Would be much appreciated 🙌

  13. Hi Hogan I have a hosting with godaddy you can create new email addresses for free by a add-on email plus you can add-on as many as you like, for example [email protected] [email protected] You can Forwarder to Gmail which is free again. Do Cloudways provide this services? I wanted to move to Cloudways but because I have my email setup forwarder to gmail from godaddy. Do you have any recommendation ? Thank you

  14. How we can store data into database and access them as and when required through wordpress website???

  15. Hello Hogan.
    What do you think about Amazon Lightsail?
    Is this a good option for wordpress (hosting) In your opinion?
    (starting at $3.50 per month)

  16. i love you im thinking of opening an e commerce store so im watching your tutorial. I wanna work online an travel the world:) any tips?

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