✅ Cloudways Review 2021 - Details, Pricing & Features

Cloudways Review 2021 – Details, Pricing & Features

✅ Watch my Cloudways Review video and let’s see if it’s the best website builder for beginners.
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Video Timestamp
0:00 – Intro
1:30 – Features
2:22 – WordPress Hosting
2:50 – Multiple Users Admins
3:08 – Security Feature
3:27 – Auto-Backup
3:41 – Free SSL
3:48 – Ease Of Use
4:42 – CloudwaysBot
5:08 – Performance
5:45 – Customer Support
6:37 – Pricing Plan
7:36 – Conclusion
Transcript for Cloudways Review 2021

Hey guys, Taylor here with another website hosting Review. Today we’re talking about a really unique one called cloudways. And cloudways is unique because it offers cloud hosting via other cloud infrastructure platforms. But it also manages those cloud hosting services for you. So you can just install things like WordPress or a different CMS, and go, this is truly a great platform. It’s very affordable. And it has a fantastic three day free trial if you’re interested. But today, as always, we’re going to dive into a full review of cloud ways. We’re going to talk about some of the benefits and features to see if this particular web hosting service might be right for you. And as always, I will leave links to cloudways down in the description along with any deals or discounts that I can find that might not be available on their website. So if you are interested, definitely check it out there. Now cloud ways is truly a pioneer of cloud hosting. And with that cloud hosting comes a ton of advantages that are going to be very helpful for you in creating and designing your website. This is things like great uptime, extremely flexible scalability, and better performance than a traditional web host. There’s also some great things here, like the ability to build in redundancies that amplify the speed and security of your site. And depending on the traffic that’s flowing through your site, you can actually scale it up and down to respond to those traffic surges. But for those of you out there who have ever attempted to set up a cloud hosting service before, you know that it can get a little technical and a little complicated. Luckily, cloudways does a lot to make sure that that’s not a problem. And they give you all the resources and tools, you need to make sure that you are successful in creating your website. So let’s talk about some of the features. Now as I mentioned, one of the great things here is cloudways flexibility, it does allow you to choose from a wide range of top cloud providers and cloud ways will help you manage everything. Just one thing to note here. If you’ve done a lot of research on web hosting platforms, this is not a traditional web hosting platform, and they do not offer email or domain registration. So if you want your own email address on your domain, you will need to find an outside email solution. Some of the cloud providers that cloudways offers are digitalocean, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform just to name a few cloudways will let you choose from several predesign hosting plans. And each has a unique combination of bandwidth and storage. Basically, you just pick your hosting provider, pick your plan, and you’re all set. One really cool feature here is you can even decide whether you want to pay by the month or by the hour. And no matter what you choose, you can host as many sites and applications on that plan as you wish, of course, depending on your bandwidth and storage limits. If you’re interested in WordPress hosting cloudways makes it incredibly easy. You get one click installation backups and restores a built in cache plugin, the ability to migrate as many WordPress sites as you want for free with the WordPress Migrator plugin and the ability to scale your WordPress server. Honestly, it’s super easy, and super user friendly even for those of you who may not be very experienced in WordPress cloudways also has a fantastic staging area so that you can test everything you put on your WordPress website before it actually goes live. If you’re running a business with several other people, this is also a great option here for teams and account management, you’ll be able to create different accounts for different team members. And you can actually limit their access to different aspects of the server. This is a great feature so that you can ensure that your team members don’t have access to everything… ran out of the 5k character limit, sorry guys.


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