Cloud Firestore Pricing | Get to know Cloud Firestore #3

Cloud Firestore Pricing | Get to know Cloud Firestore #3

How does pricing work in Cloud Firestore? How is it different than the Realtime Database, and how can you make sure you’re not overpaying for your database usage? Let’s learn about how Cloud Firestore charges for usage, and discover some tips to keep your costs reasonable on this episode of Get to Know Cloud Firestore with Todd Kerpelman!

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33 thoughts on “Cloud Firestore Pricing | Get to know Cloud Firestore #3

  1. Summary: If you don't want it to be expensive, try your possible best to minimize the number of reads and writes.

  2. I have one game "Langur Burja" in play store which is a single-player game now, I am thinking of adding multiplayer feature in it. So which database is good for me cloud firestore or realtime database??

  3. This is first time I watch this channel (just getting started with Firebase) and your explanation really hooked me up to learn more! thanks!

  4. Don’t use it guys, my bill went from 25$ to 300$ in just three days. They do not have detail reports on the usage. They just show us the bill and some useless reports that does not make sense. Please reconsider this option and choose something else.

  5. This guy makes me smile now and then!! And I think that's the best of his teaching and our overall learning πŸ™‚

  6. @7:42 "And if the main lesson you're getting out of this is that [you don't get it], then hey, now you're getting it." Lol welcome to coding.

  7. I’m super appreciative that these videos present a fair view of Firebase in that they are very clear about the shortcomings or negatives. It actually makes me feel more confident about using it for my future development as I know exactly what I’m getting into.

  8. "Could you be quiet? i am working on a video for YouTube…" This really made me laff…. I totally love the presentation

  9. How to use 'Pay as you go' plan by using debit card? when i use my debit card, it shows error like 'Your card does not support automatic recurring payments[OR-CC3ST-02]'.i am using visa global debit card from india.

  10. Great video as usual. One thing, though, somewhere around 14 mins into the video, you trigger Google Assistant. πŸ™‚

  11. You just confirmed my greatest fear: firestore bill unpredictable. Not going to take a chance. Thanks!

  12. Update in regards to statement at 2:25: Under the heading 'Minimum charge for queries':
    "There is a minimum charge of one document read for each query that you perform, even if the query returns no results."

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