Cloud Computing in 90 Seconds! | National Geographic

Cloud Computing in 90 Seconds! | National Geographic

Curious about cloud computing? Learn about it — in just 90 seconds!
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Cloud Computing in 90 Seconds! | National Geographic

National Geographic

25 thoughts on “Cloud Computing in 90 Seconds! | National Geographic

  1. video didn't explain it very well. Corporations own everything you put on the cloud and they can sell that information to other corporations with out your consent.

  2. thats the worst description of what a cloud is lol
    wasted one min building up to it and still didnt really explain it properly

  3. thumbs up if you were expecting cloud computing to be cubic equations and imaginary numbers with square roots and logarithms and cosines, all working out millions of unknowns at the same time…

  4. I wouldn't say it's because the PC is running out of room, because it's very cheap now to buy terabytes of storage. Cloud computing just makes it easier to manage, available anywhere with wifi, and more secure.

  5. The only cloud is the one in people's heads that buy this crap while ignoring the degradation and eventual end of the freedom to experience and enjoy life brought to us by our corporate masters.Be happy with your electronic toys.Its the most happiness that the majority of you will ever achieve

  6. This isn't particularly helpful when you have a crappy Internet connection like mine. 150KB/sec download, 30KB/sec upload… Yeah, not happening. I have over 1TB of space anyway; not to mention other hard drives I could use and various other computers all together…

  7. With HDDs going for $50 a terabyte and dropping, I'll keep all of my personal data, and backups, right here where I *know* it's all secure, and I *know* Big Brother isn't harvesting it all.

    I trust Google about as far as I can throw them these days.

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