43 thoughts on “Cloud Computing – How it all works

  1. Your video was very helpful and I really loved how it was done. The hand drawn illustrations were awesome and you simplified the cloud to something quite simple. I never knew how the cloud really worked so thank you for making it easy and fun to watch. It is kinda scary to think that if something gets uploaded that it never really goes away it will always be floating between data centers, so now people have to be careful with what they upload.

  2. Really awesome… this is the only video I found precise and better understandable. thanks . greeting from India

  3. Jajaja so funny!!
    I looked up for that information and this video was the only one i really understood.
    Thank you!!

  4. Sir can i work on cloud security issue..So please tell me how many type of issue can be created in cloud computing

  5. me too… the only video that expained how it really works. others only explained principles and the 'whys' but nothing else.

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