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  1. The specs of it is very low. With only 10 entry process, that kind of hosting is meant only for very small site. If you don't know lowendtalk and lowendbox community, try to search them on google and you will see that there are many reliable web hosting providers which offers hosting specs higher than that one for less than $25 a year with amazing specs. The specs of that hosting you show us is only good 3 to 4 wordpress sites. Though it shows that it can host unlimited websites, try to add 10 or more wordpress sites on it, and you will see that you will encounter 500 connection errors on your wordpress posts or pages. Since it only offer 10 entry process, I am pretty sure that the I/O usage spec of it is also very small which is very important

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  3. Yeeeahh, so no. Get a fake out of stock message if DoS attack feature rejected (moves on if you opt in) and no place anywhere to enter a coupon code…. This is a bait and switch rip-off.

  4. 512MB DEDICATED RAM // 1 vCORE // 15GB SSD (HW RAID 10) // DDoS Protection Available // 1TB BANDWIDTH // 1GBPS,
    you said everything is unlimited. which is not. this not enough for website which is bigger then 10/15 pages

  5. I have so called unlimited hosing with KVChosting but I have found that the unlimited hosting is a lie. It has restrictions. When you try to upload videos or any large files it always has server errors so even though it says that it is unlimited your use is limited.
    Have you ever uploaded a large video to your wordpress site using this hosting?

  6. I see the five dollars but there is no offer for 50% discount if I put my domain name and it was 12.95 so I’m looking at 1795 I don’t see what you come up at $2.50 anywhere

  7. 2.50 for a period of time and when it renews you'll have to pay in regular price hahahaah. and the thing is those companies does not even have tech support that you can call, it only has those knowledge base article so you have to do everything yourself. I've worked with hostgator as a tech support and now I'm with godaddy godaddy is quiet expensive though in terms of webhosting.

  8. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge, but i have a question that I could use enlightenment on. By unlimited domains, does this mean that I can have an unlimited amount of websites for only 2.50 a month, or would it be 2.50 for each website I own? Thanks you, and jokes at my expense are welcomed, lmao

  9. I think Optimum Ways (optimumways.com) is the cheapest web hosting providers. Their Service quality is also acceptable. I think you get SSD web hosting in $2.3 per month or so.

  10. GetLark – Free hosting for 14 days
    They have really simple user-friendly dashboard, so that you definitely won't be struggling while managing your websites

  11. When I use the promotion code it gives me this message: The following errors occurred:
    The promotion code entered has already been used

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