Cheap VPS Hosting - Cheap VPS - Linux VPS and Windows VPS

Cheap VPS Hosting – Cheap VPS – Linux VPS and Windows VPS

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Looking for cheap vps hosting? Then this is the video for you.

This is the best cheap ssd vps hosting provider with windows and linux operating systems with a super low cost.

A windows vps or a cheap vps has lots of benefits… One of them is that you can run software that is not compatible with your main operating system. Another is you can have outsourcers work remotely on a machine you manage.

Cheap vps hosting is the way to go and a flexible alternative to installing a virtual machine on your local computer which can only be accessed with your computer on.

So a windows vps or cheap vps has a lot to offer and also you could make one of the most from it by selecting the appropriate plan that fits your business demands…

The great strength of vps hosting is that you can easily segregate various domains which enables you for a fast access speed and unshared resources.

In this video I show you how to create a cheap vps host with Virmach. You can choose from a windows VPS or linux VPS. I use a windows VPS to run windows software that doesn’t run on my Mac.

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Cheap VPS Hosting – Cheap VPS – Linux VPS and Windows VPS

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39 thoughts on “Cheap VPS Hosting – Cheap VPS – Linux VPS and Windows VPS

  1. Great information. I watched many videos and your steps were very clear. Thanks for sharing such valuable information.

  2. hello sir I have a query… I need to run only a trading software Nesttrader ( 50 mb size) on vps and nothing else then what window version and vcpu type should I choose in google free tier vps

  3. Is it used to host discord bot? And steam example: leave a game open! Do you need your PC on???

  4. Thank you for making this video, just bought a vps from VirMach, that $4.00 monthly deal still holds today, probably the best server deal I have ever seen.

  5. Strato has a hosting plan for 15 euros

    4 vcores
    8 GB ram
    400 GB SSD
    Unlimited bandwidth
    And a ton of other stuff I don't even remember


  7. is it possible to use vps even tho my pc does not support virtualization am unable to turn on virtualization not in my Bios please advise thank you

  8. Well-Web hosting support team are second to none! They've helped me on a number of occasions now from installing WordPress to adding additional domains to my hosting plan. VPS from 8$. I always receive a very quick resolution, usually less than 10 minutes. Thanks to everyone at Well-Web net, it's really appreciated and is the kind of service that will keep me as a customer for a long time!

  9. I have used their service for 6 month for only 1 game servers and it really sucks. Can't even handle 8-10 players without Lag.

  10. I had a smudge on the top left of my screen when watching your video.. tried to scratch it off. Damn thing wont come off!

  11. What If I do not like service and wanna get rid of it, Can I do it anytime? Or Maybe it won't help me for the purpose I m buying it for, Can I cancel it, at any time? Would it cost monthly or 12 months?

  12. Hi mate , thanks for the video , i also recomend to you to put virmach title cuz i was searching and dont have any in the youtube. May like this you will able to help more and more people like you already helped me ! 🙂

  13. As a professional web developer I am working for wordpress and various web hosting company over the last 4 years. I have worked with a2hosting a lot's of times for my clients and I am really satisfied with their services and server performance. Their support is awesome!! Note: Never faced security problem with a2hosting and at the view of security, godaddy and hostgator is the worst hosting.

  14. Hi what does it mean by 13 usable IPMI in dedicated server? Does it mean their DDS have free sub IP?and on more thing i want to make sure if they allow virtualbox or vm on their dedicated server. thanks in advance

  15. Hi Guy!
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    -Debian Version: 7, 8 – 32bit, 64bit
    -Fedora Version: 20, 21, 22, 23 – 64bit
    -Scientific Version: 6 – 32bit, 64bit
    -SUSE Version: 13.1, 13.2 – 64bit
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