Changes to computer thinking - Stephen Fry explains cloud computing

Changes to computer thinking – Stephen Fry explains cloud computing

Stephen Fry explains the history of computer thinking and the revolution of utility in cloud computing in this 5 minute animation.

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32 thoughts on “Changes to computer thinking – Stephen Fry explains cloud computing

  1. This video is the most comprehensive introduction to cloud computing with great references and the best storyline ever !

  2. It's an insulting to Nicola Tesla's the Original Inventor of Light and Electricity. No wonder, Corp. always gives their own A. a Pass.

  3. Hi Databarracks, I would suggest you could also add that organisations or customers to cloud computing (see 4:35 in your video) not only have access to compliance, scalability, reliability and transparency.. but also continued innovation which i believe to be the strongest advantage among them!

  4. how many times Oracle promise revolutions ?
    what about promise made 15 years ago that Oracle would never became another Microsoft greedy monster ?
    liars !

  5. Yes Welcome to Cloud Computing the weakest point in any computer network is where a 3rd party is entrusted with your data and often the area exploited by hackers, governments, competitors, etc. If anything this is the reason a number of orgs have shifted away from the idea of SAAS (Like Salesforce) Instead creating their own cloud computing within their corporate networks. The Target and Home Depot, for example, have learned about software as a service the hard way, and paid well for their education.

  6. In the video, "Changes to Computer Thinking," it demonstrates how the human brain network is similar to how computers communicate.

  7. Good video to watch before any client meeting on benefits of a Cloud Based Solution. Excellent perspective of Changing consumption based on the Utility of the solution

  8. Oh I cringed when Fry said that Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb and the electric power station. That is wrong. Nikolas Telsa invented that but Edison did was selling it to the public and took credit for Telsa's work and made absolute blunders along the way and screwed Telsa over after he made heaps of money of him without giving him a cent.

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