Chaco Z/Sandal: 101 on the Ultimate Sport Sandal.

Chaco Z/Sandal: 101 on the Ultimate Sport Sandal.

Looking for a serious sandal that can seamlessly transition from the trail to town? Look no further than Chaco Z/Sandal. Designed in 1989 by raft guides, the Z/Sandal has endured more than 30 years of rivers, trails, mountain towns, and travel and it’s still the best sport sandals to ever set foot outdoors. Available in tried-and-true Z/Classic and extra-cushioned Z/Cloud. Check out our Z/Sandal 101 to learn more about Chaco’s iconic Z/Sandal.

4 thoughts on “Chaco Z/Sandal: 101 on the Ultimate Sport Sandal.

  1. After years of not offering a "Tegu" style, you finally did. I got a pair, and like in the past I am thrilled to have a slip-on chaco (no back strap) that has webbing between the toes. They are the highest quality, technical hiking sandal with no back strap. I hope you continue to run this style. There is nothing like it…not even close.

  2. Hi, love your sandals. I have a question. I bought a pair of men's zcloud way back in 2004. Wore them every summer until the sole on one finally broke this year. Amazing longevity. Those sandals has a Vibram sole. Now I recently bought a new pair of men's zcloud sandals. But they don't have the "Vibram" emblem on the bottom of the sole. Is that normal.

  3. If ONLY sand didn't clog up the sandal, making any strap adjustments difficult / impossible, or shred straps. You'll never get all the sand out, and once the sand trapped in webbing grooves in the sandals dries, it's almost impossible to "floss" them, to clear the obstruction.
    In every other way it's a phenomenal sandal (I still have several Chaco Z1's I pro-formed 20+ years ago), but if sand is involved, I'll take my Keens or a "water shoe" made for paddling / kayaking.
    (Source: avid outdoorsman & paddle sports enthusiast / Chaco owner / user for 20+ years).

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