9 thoughts on “Chaco Z/Cloud 2: Review for First Time Buyers

  1. They make a wide for womens and its the same width as a normal mens size ! Just to help with that shoe sizing problem !!! 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear you had some "normal" issues with your Chaco. After wanting to own a pair of Chaco for a long time, got my Z2 about a year before yours, just in time to go on vacation as my only pair to walk. I was so excited to wear them that I did not pay attention to feeling the toe loop strangling my big toes. By the end of my vacation, the pain was almost unbearable that I took a resolution of not wearing them anymore. Thinking on the investment made, a few months later, I decided to relax the tension on all the straps, leaving enough space in the toe loops that my index finger could go through it easily in addition to the big toe. Viola! problem solved. Over the years, I had watched teenagers wearing Chaco a little too loosely and wondered why. Question solved. I wear them now any time I want to.

  3. Hello Joe I'm sorry to hear you went through that problem too. I have a pair of those Z2 to. I'm surprised with your smallfoot this still happen. I have really big wide feet sz13 4EEEE with fat wide toe and I had the same problem. I would have the toe loop loose and it still would tighten on my foot. It's hard to find Footwear for my wide feet so I went back to wearing my flip-flops. Maybe I should try to send mines back and see if they can fix it. Thank you for your review

  4. Did you get them fixed? Thinking about getting a pair for hiking in the rain or on hot days but I don't wanna throw away money. EDIT: I'm dumb…

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