Building Node.js applications on Google Cloud Platform

Building Node.js applications on Google Cloud Platform

Many developers spend years writing JavaScript for frontend web applications. One of the best parts of Node.js is that it’s just JavaScript. The same skills you use to develop applications in the browser can be used to develop amazing applications in the cloud as well. It’s easy to get ramped up, as the core of node.js is very small. Many of the libraries you are going to use are open source, and have been developed by the community. Node.also offers a mature API, and a LTS release schedule that provides 18 months of support.

In this presentation, we will discuss about running Node.js applications on Google Cloud Platform and learn about using Google’s advanced APIs and services with your applications.

17 thoughts on “Building Node.js applications on Google Cloud Platform

  1. hi sir … sir I am working on Google BigQuery . i want to upload data to BigQuery Table from node.js . but i am facing a trouble here . can you pls answer to my question

  2. Can you please help: Do Google App Engine run app in cycle? (used in nodejs, get lost my billing for crazy amounts of calls APIs)

  3. Can I use Google Text To Speech api Wihtout enabled billing. Can explore more Document On It. How to set Json Path for service account.

  4. Hi I'm trying to deploy a vuejs project that use wbpack, I followed all possible tutorials, but is not working it says, Some files were skipped. Pass `–verbosity=info` to see which ones.
    You may also view the gcloud log file, found at

    help please

  5. Nice video! I didn't know google had this Cloud available for all of us.
    How much does it cost? is it free for beginners?

  6. Another yaddayaddayadda videos… "you can do this, you can do that" but nothing works at all… nobody really explains… lots of tutorials are deprecated… maybe one day google can make something helpfull… today we need to find someone who make a video itself and go directly were we want: working projects!!

  7. i use that for meteor but its so expensive for cheap projects (for example i use that for a racing web, only use mongodb, some photos, mailing etc) i need configure my meteor app to gce to use a micro cpu for a really small apps (node its so fast coding). how do that?? its harder the deployment of node (meteor framework for me) than codding it

  8. Can my Google Cloud hosted node server app reach outside the google cloud ? e.g. can I access IBM Watson Conversation service ? Or a 3rd party (amazon) hosted database?
    Are there restrictions ? Security issues ?

  9. I do have one question. The cloud vision feature you show partitioning images automatically: Is that actually auto harvesting images from the web, or are you downloading the images and then the cloud vision separates them? I'm interested to see if Google deciphers which images are copyright free, avoided IP problems if there is a way to robotically harvest certain types of imagery off the web.

  10. This is apparently a collection of clips from some longer, more complete video? It would be going along, nice and slow, and he says "let see how we can do some cool thing" and then suddenly he is talking about something completely different, having skipped over how to do the cool thing… If it's a "what we can do" video, SAY SO. I just wasted 11 minutes that I could have spent learning how to DO things.

  11. Great intro. It's a "what" we can video, not a '"how" to do it. But is gives good insights into the options available to dig into. A lot of info compacted into 11 minutes. Thanks for getting right to the point.

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