Build a Serverless Startup in Just 30 Minutes!

Build a Serverless Startup in Just 30 Minutes!

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Have you ever built a serverless startup from the scratch in just 30 minutes? This is exactly what we’re going to do in this session!
We will build a serverless online shop with a static ReactJS website using Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront. For the dynamic content we are using a GraphQL endpoint with AWS AppSync and Amazon DynamoDB as our database. Of course, we also need user management which will be done with Amazon Cognito and AWS Amplify. After we’ve bootstrapped our application, I will give you a more detailed introduction into the different services we used so far and how you can utilize them for your own projects. This is not a workshop where you will build this solution by yourself instead I will build it with you and show you the different functionalities.

5 thoughts on “Build a Serverless Startup in Just 30 Minutes!

  1. For anyone who could use this list:

    0:02 Introduxtion

    0:18 Agenda

    2:10 Why serverless?

    3:42 Architecture

    4:48 Building demo

    5:40 Creating S3 bucket

    6:08 Creating Cloudfront distrubution

    7:30 Template setup

    9:50 Demo install AWS Amplify

    11:00 AWS user pool setup

    12:15 AWS identity pool setup

    14:00 Demo implement AWS Amplify

    19:40 Adjusting authentication method

    20:50 AWS create AppSync

    21:10 AWS GraphQL schema

    22:30 AWS AppSync settings

    23:20 AWS AppSync adjust schema

    24:40 AWS Appsync creating resolver

    26:05 AWS Lambda create function

    27:30 AWS AppSync configure data source

    29:15 Demo import API method

    30:03 Demo mutations

    31:15 Demo implement function

    32:05 Demo update buttons

    33:05 AWS AppSync define endpoint

    33:55 Demo implement order overview

    35:35 AWS AppSync make query

    37:15 Demo NPM Build

    38:47 AWS S3 build/upload

    39:30 Services overview

    42:45 Summary

    44:35 Related breakout

  2. Well done! Very nice demonstration. I've done my own project based on that! Some funny moments were also presented

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