7 thoughts on “BlueHost Review: Which Shared Hosting Plan to Choose (Plans Comparison + 57% OFF)

  1. I discovered 1 week ago that Bluehost has been charging me for a whistle-blower website that Bluehost removed back in 2015!! Did they inform me they were removing my website?? NEVER!! But yet they still charge for a service they no longer provide. There was a $503 charge on my credit card and it blew my mind. To charge for a website they THEMSELVES REMOVED!?!?!? The other oddity was that I lost my credit card back in 2015, so I had to get new credit cards and update my info with both Ebay and Amazon, yet BLuehost MIRACULOUSLY had my new credit card number without my ever having to update it on their website. Sure, they are an Illuminati owned company, but that's just incredulous they would do such a thing, charge me for a service they no longer provide.

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