Best Website Hosting New Zealand | New Zealand Web Hosting | Web Host NZ

Best Website Hosting New Zealand | New Zealand Web Hosting | Web Host NZ

Best Website Hosting New Zealand – New Zealand Web Hosting.

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Negotiating foreign languages and timezones in far away places is great for holiday adventures, but when you are hosting your website, the closer to home the better.

is local. We are Kiwis, our business is home-grown and our servers are located in Auckland.

Unlike many providers who outsource their hosting overseas putting your data on other peoples computers that they euphemistically refer to as “the cloud”) our websites are hosted on hardware that we own and control and configured for for speed and reliability.

If you like acronyms, we have a unique one – T3BD. – Talk to the Boss Directly. There is no need to fight through multiple tiers of scripted helpdesk answers to get knowledgeable technical advice or support – You can speak directly with the boss who has well over 20 years experience in building and working on Internet systems.

Call on 09-985-1188 or email [email protected] now.

The people behind have over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, networking, domain management, email, web hosting and virtual servers and data centers.

To deliver the best performance while being globally accessible resources should be located as close to customers as practical, while being well connected to International superhighways and using the right hardware. That’s why our Servers are located in strategically placed data centers in Auckland.

In order to ensure robust systems, comprehensive monitoring is in place, providing both trends and early alerts to minimize potential failures and slowdowns, with isolation of different servers limiting the scope of fallout caused by program or user error.

Security of data and defense-in-depth are also key elements of our service. Sensitive systems use industry standard AES full-disk-encryption, which fit alongside our other security policies like firewalls, enforcing principles of least access, logging, VPNs, enforcing password best-practices and a general “defense in depth” approach.

So, if you are looking for high performance, high reliability hosting done right, give a call on 09-985-1188 or email [email protected]

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