10 thoughts on “Best Web Hosting Providers for Beginners | WordPress Hosting Comparison

  1. I hope you enjoyed this video on the best Web Hosting providers for beginners! Below are the hosts I mention in the video.

    GreenGeeks: https://www.wpwithtom.com/greengeeks

    SiteGround: https://www.wpwithtom.com/siteground

    NameHero: https://www.wpwithtom.com/namehero

    WPXHosting: https://www.wpwithtom.com/wpx

  2. Thank you so much for your advice! I think your point that the newbies need quite some time to get traffic is very valid. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! I know this might stupid, but I have to ask, is it possible to customize the design of my blog with phone alone if I buy a domain from GreenGeeks? Thanks in advance.

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