Best Free Cloud Storage of 2020: How to Get the Best for Free

Best Free Cloud Storage of 2020: How to Get the Best for Free

#1 Get up to 10GB free with pCloud:
#2 5GB free cloud storage with
#3 Google Drive, 15 GB free:
#4 MEGA, 15GB free:
#5 Icedrive, 10 GB free:

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0:45 pCloud
2:05 Google Drive
3:06 Mega
4:13 Dropbox
4:58 IceDrive

With the need for cloud storage growing and the risk of data breaches seemingly growing even faster, can free cloud storage really be trusted? Today, we look at some of the best options for safe and secure free cloud storage.

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23 thoughts on “Best Free Cloud Storage of 2020: How to Get the Best for Free

  1. Hi there Mauricio, I wished I stumbled across your videos earlier this year when I did an overview and analysis of all the free-vers cloud storage services I had subscribed to over the years as I wanted to decide if it was time to upgrade (I went with iCloud 200gb since last year which while the most-convenient for my existing use-case, was always aware you paid for convenience and native-functionality over more robust features) to a paid-vers. Over time many of these services have improved their mobile-app experience which extends usability too.

    I am curious as to why long-established brands like BOX was not mentioned here? I recall signing up for GoogleDrive – iCloud – Dropbox – Box – OneDrive -Megα – Pcloud in that order over the last 6 – 8 years and recently Over that time I grew impressed with how Pcloud’s UI via the different platforms have improved but ultimately am on the fence with using it as my secondary cloud-storage / sync needs (after Gdrive + iCloud) as I encountered direct – compatibility issues with apps earlier this year over the much more commercially accepted BOX / Dropbox / Gdrive / iCloud. I do not require a large-cloud storage solution as of yet (my photos / videos are spread across multiple offline n online solutions) and basically save my key documents in a few of the more popular cloud storages. It would be good for most of us less heavy users if these ‘lesser’ – known cloud solutions play nicer with apps too then they will be better integrated with our lives today.

    Dropbox is one of the most famous cloud storage solutions but their paid versions are simply too expensive and are targetted towards enterprise users which is where Pcloud comes in I guess. Hopefully they can ramp up apps-compatibility and provide more useful features over the established players. Then, I will make the switch and perhaps finally consolidate my current 10+ free-vers apps! (Except for iCloud which I currently pay for but it meets my needs and I utilise it daily).

  2. Best cloud storage privacy and security..
    1. google drive
    2. OneDrive
    3. Dropbox
    4. Mega

  3. I don't know what I did that I kept the 50GB at MEGA. Might be when I signed up originally when it came out. But, wow, I didn't know about losing that promised capacity. 👀

  4. Sync is great, used it for a long time. BTW you can get an additional 1GB for free by using this code: d6f737f10 – Go to settings -> sync rewards -> manual redeem 👍

  5. Thank you so much!!! It sux its american because i get charged double sigh. Damn Australia!

    Im stuck tho. What should i choose in your opinion? I tried pcloud but im confused about sync… please help me!!! Is there a way to contact you?

  6. I have been watching your videos, and always in doubt, your based on your experience which you recommend for users who do not want to invest money, in the free versions and which you recommend us to buy or acquire the google drive alternative that I do not consider we have some privacy. Greetings excellent videos

  7. Thanks for your knowledge and information.
    Why do you never even mention Degoo? I have used Degoo for about 3 years and it has worked well for me. Last year I was able to catch a 1 TB lifetime offering for $49.00 this was a great deal. Gegoo is a great storage option and it uses encryption for added security.

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