Best Budget NAS 2019? Synology DS218J NAS Review

Best Budget NAS 2019? Synology DS218J NAS Review

How to create a Private Cloud Storage using a NAS | What is a NAS or Network Attached Storage | Synology Diskstation DS218J Budget NAS Unboxing & Review India 2019 | Best Budget NAS India 2019
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29 thoughts on “Best Budget NAS 2019? Synology DS218J NAS Review

  1. whats is the speed to move my files from my computer to this device? is it comparable speed to general pupose external harddrive?

  2. I am using JioFi 4 NAS. It's supports upto 64 GB SD. It's worth trying it. For a starter understanding NAS system JIOFi is not bad too and very affordable. Nice video . Will definitely try this NAS enclosure in future 👍👍

  3. Transfer rate super slow like 10mb using Ethernet on my mac. Tried loads of settings no luck. Any advice?

  4. Can i add it as a drive through network location in windows 10 and use it as as a drive in other softwares??? Please also make a video on it.

  5. What are the settings which supports sharing data out of network? I see you have accessed storage within network.

  6. So clear my doubt.. If i want to access some data while being abroad and my nas system sitting back at home and my cellphone is not connected to any network such as Wifi or mobile network, will i still be able to access it ??

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