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  2. Hi.. can you suggest me..is it good institution .. can i join for azure amdin…please i need your suggestions..

  3. Hi @intellipat team,
    I didn't get the 2 question in quiz as we have seen in the course itself i.e we have launched an VM without using virtual networks. Then why you have answered it NO? can you please explain.


  4. Is this course and Aws video uploaded by u few days back enough to crack interviews?

    I'm searching for new opportunities in devops..and Hemanth's 10 hours ultimate video on devops is helping me.alot…onc3 i join the new company…

    I will definitely join the intellipaat to learn the other technologies ๐Ÿ˜Š

    U guys are awesome ๐Ÿ˜

    Proud about my frd Hemanth… Becoz he was my college mates and we both were in the same hostel ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘All the best bro

  5. Will it be beneficial to add in my resume which I learnt in ur channel with out any certification

  6. Hi
    Please upload complete course on digital marketing and also on java project in one hour for complete beginners
    I am eagerly waiting for that!!

  7. ๐Ÿ“Following topics are covered in this video:

    Introduction to Cloud Computing – 1:27

    Cloud Computing Advantages – 7:45

    Cloud Products – 8:38

    Cloud Computing Models – 11:28

    Deployment Models – 15:02

    Service Models – 23:30

    Cloud Providers – 25:09

    Why Microsoft Azure? – 30:05

    What is Microsoft Azure? – 34:43

    Azure Core Architecture – 35:27

    Azure Core Architecture Components – 44:54

    Azure Resource Manager – 48:23

    Core Azure Services – 53:23

    Core Azure Services – Domains – 54:39

    Core Azure Services – Compute – 1:00:16

    Hands-on: Create a VM on Azure – 1:15:28

    Core Azure Services – Networking – 1:39:43

    Core Azure Services – Storage – 1:57:44

    Hands-on: Azure Blob Storage – 2:09:12

    Core Azure Services – Database + Analytics – 2:19:48

    Core Azure Services – AI + MAchine Learning – 2:33:40

    Core Azure Services – Identity – 2:39:25

    Core Azure Services – Management – 2:43:13

    Hands-on: Architecting an Application on Azure – 2:51:11

    Quiz-1 – 3:18:19

    Quiz-2 – 3:18:41

    Quiz-3 – 3:18:57

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