22 thoughts on “AWS Vs Azure Vs GCP – Which cloud to pick for better career and pay?

  1. These were some brilliant points with great reasoning and your analogy of Oracle vs DB2 was so relatable…I would advise to take down this video asap and create a different one with animations….The thoughts you shared here are worth way more than 18k views

  2. Thanks for this wonderful video GK. You answered almost all question which I had on Cloud tech. I fall under second category "Currently working and planning to switch my carrier on cloud" and this video really helps me to make my decision. I would like to get an opinion on cloud carrier path for a DBA.

  3. Hi, i'm a fresher from ece background I would like to choose AWS cloud platform. I went through the AWS courses and there are a lot of them and I'm unable to choose which one to start. could you plz help me

  4. Hi Sir,
    I have half knowledge both Oracle database and SQL server ….I want to switch my technology to cloud ☁️…. Please suggest me which cloud is better for me

  5. Hello, I am a Sybase DBA haveing 2+ years of experience and I want to switch to cloud..so which technology I should go for ? Please let me know.

  6. hi, I am working as a computer teacher last 20 years. Now i am working as IT Coordinator, handling ERP software for the school. Can you suggest for which cloud certification i must do?

  7. Thank you for the information. I need your help please in choosing the right cloud as I have help desk support experience in networking (Internet based company in NZ for 4 yrs)
    Now I hailed back to India and looking to switch my career into cloud, I'm very confused to choose the right one which can quickly place me in a job with decent salary. Could you please suggest
    Thanks in advance

  8. Great video! I’m just starting in cloud computing. I don’t have any IT / Cloud / Coding background. I only have a high school degree. I have purchased an annual membership with Cloud Academy and they advised me to get both AWS and Azure Certifications and then determine where I want to go from there. What would you advice a total Noob like myself do? (Thank you in advance)

  9. Hi GK,
    Awesome content, must say… What would you suggest for people who are already working in cloud and want to learn another cloud ? For example, if someone is already a operations Engineer working on Oracle Cloud for Oracle, and want to upscale for better career opportunities or switch, which one should they choose among these (AWS/AZure/GCP) ?

  10. Bro can i know one thing. I am working as L1 network support analyst. Recently I have done CCNA certification. And I want to shift to cloud so thinking to learn AWS. Can u suggest me anything

  11. I just joined a firm and I met a senior guy(12+ yrs exp.) who gave me similar advice when I asked him about opportunities in cloud. Our firm is loaded with Azure guys and there is a huge market for AWS but he said if you can, go for GCP as it is relatively new and has more space for growth. This video is only the second time I found a similar advice. Interesting.

  12. Could you provide the prerequisites for GCP.
    I am preparing for Devops. I have referred your previous videos, they are very useful.
    (Linux & Python Scripting) needed.

    For GCP, what are the mandatory code or scripting required, could you please let me know. And what level of coding (Like if any javascript or Nodejs) based on Devops Engineer specific.

    Thank You

  13. Hi GK,
    It was wonderful to hear you. That's the content I was seeking for & now it helps me lot.
    At the level of best practice & future security we know that Machine learning, AI & Cloud technology going to drastic change in the world.
    I have an interest in Machine Learning & GCP both.
    but Azure making me a bit confusing.
    Just a question – Will Azure going to help me if i would choose Machine learning & Azure?

    I would appreciate in advance on reply. Thanks

  14. Iam a MCA student,I have interest on learning cloud for better job.which one I choose,what certification will help more

  15. Hi,
    I am AWS Solution architect associate certified now. As you told 300+ members completed AWS in my company. Staffing becomes challenge as they are looking for experienced candidates. Even if I choose GCP again there will be a demand for experienced candidates only. I am confused about how to gain hands on experience when there are no projects or projects recruiting only experienced candidates?
    Help me pls!!!

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