20 thoughts on “AWS Tutorial for beginners in Hindi | AWS Full Course Hindi – Learn AWS In 5 Hours | Great Learning

  1. hi sir mera live stream ka work ha….mujhe aws live stream server ki jrrurt ha ..plzzzz help me

  2. I am watching this video now and in btw I have paused it and came to comment bcz what a video sir what a knowledge matlb thankyou bhut bhut thankyou

  3. I know python, sql, machine learning algorithms and linux can i learn and get a job in aws? Please reply sir

  4. Very nice presentation with topics well explained and in simple and easy to remember examples. Only thing is that AWS Global presence is in 245 countries (1:37:50) which seemed bit exaggerated as there are only 195 countries in the entire world 🙂 . NOM though…

  5. How to download source code of running instance from Iam users…and develop it and host it again.
    Please give me some solution regarding with this query.

  6. Hello sir, i am working in Tcs with 2 years experience (working on Aws tool cloud computing infrastructure as L1 Team) pls suggest me…(about which one I have to select?)

  7. Sir i have experience in networking domain and i am ccna certified as well looking for some cloud computing courses for getting more exposure in future which course i need to start with ?

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