AWS Solutions: Video on Demand (VOD)

AWS Solutions: Video on Demand (VOD)

Tom from our very own AWS Solutions Builder team walks us through an end-to-end solution that he built for video on demand (VOD) on AWS. Customers are already using this solution to run over 60,000 encoding jobs every month. You’ll learn how Tom used Step Functions for the orchestration layer, Lambda for Node.js microservices, Elemental Media Convert to generate videos in a variety of file formats, and many more services to complete the solution, including S3, CloudFront, CloudWatch, DynamoDB and CloudFormation.

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17 thoughts on “AWS Solutions: Video on Demand (VOD)

  1. AWS is replacing well documented step-by-step tutorials with CloudFormation templates. I hope you reverse this trend. It gives developers a much harder learning experience.

  2. First of all, good teamwork and let me suggest you something that needed at most in Amazon Prime. When we click on a celebrity or director , it shows bio of that particular person ,no listing of movies done by that person , that's a bummer. And secondly,when a user starts to watch an episode of particular season and if it ends there for new release,Amazon should provide a notification for the user that they received a new release of the TV show that the user currently watching endlessly. You guys need to improve this game for VOD , stick with the users.

    P.S: I'm actually a big fan of the face recognition theme you guys introduced in prime, whenever I pause a section,the AI works and brings me everything for the current scene, even the name of the song and trivia's. Kudos for that.

  3. For people interested to a similar deployment providing an API to orchestrate the workflow:

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