34 thoughts on “AWS Quick Start – Hosting a Static Website on AWS (Demo)

  1. In the cloud industry, Amazon Cloud is known for its reliability and uptime. Many of its data center locations have almost 100 percent uptime. https://www.cloudways.com/blog/host-wordpress-on-aws-cloud/

  2. Hello i found it interesting, actually i want to connect my app which is (Angular frontend, nodejs, and mysql) on aws do you have idea for me on how to it? I have already deployed the App with the S3 but how to connect it with my database or how to connect the rds with my local database

  3. It is now changed how to set permissions. There is no longer read an write options, but control list and access points

  4. Debo elegir muy bien que hosting elegir, no vaya a gastar de más. Este post también me ayudó a entender —> https://internautas21.com/que-es-hosting-de-una-pagina-web/

  5. Why am I not getting Type A like 18:20 in the tutorial. In my console, it only shows type NS and SOA. Can anybody help?

  6. all I wanna know is that can I use another payment method other than what I used to confirm my AWS account with.

  7. The permissions screen in video is outdated although it wasn't a problem for me as it hasn't changed too much. This video was incredibly helpful, thank you so much!!

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