AWS Lightsail vs DigitalOcean Speed Test. Which is Faster?

AWS Lightsail vs DigitalOcean Speed Test. Which is Faster?

Find out if AWS Lightsail or DigitalOcean is faster in this performance speed test that compares these two VPS hosting providers. The test is done with and measures common speed metrics like TTFB and page load time for a basic WordPress website.

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15 thoughts on “AWS Lightsail vs DigitalOcean Speed Test. Which is Faster?

  1. since all providers oversubscribe users on vps, I don't think there is any objective test you can run to test the speeds. You should do it on different times and on different days of week and then take an average.

  2. I'm commenting on all your new videos.. cause.. commenting helps with your videos ranking:) … and one request.. could you make your intro the same volume as your voice in the videos, please?

  3. Have you tried using to run page speed tests? It might be interesting to do a similar test using that free service as it measures page speed from 18 locations around the world.

  4. Hello dude

    I just want to give a little input

    Cloud services, websites and panels for the OS today are very practical and easy to use, but the other side is that it makes users blind about networking and code.

    How can a developer be maximal if resource factors are limited? why is it limited? because resources require costs.

    A. If you want to compare something:

    See how big the company is? the bigger the better the development.

    1. If a service uses another service.

    2. If a service still uses Cloudflare, it is not good enough.

    B. No need to go far to try a server from a service and compare it, in this case you never know the stability and speed if hit by millions of trafficts for decades from all corners of the world.

    Just look at great web services and see what it uses.

    3. I compare imdb and tmdb, try to access them from various corners of the country, I get the results of tmdb 50x faster. tmdb does not use cloudflare, it stands on the AWS server.

  5. Thanks for this comparison! It's so related to what I do. I tested many VPS' and work them out together with RunCloud. Now I'm using UpCloud but very tempted to try Lightsail. Can you do the comparison between UpCloud vs DigitalOcean?

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