AWS for Startups - Deploying with AWS Tutorial

AWS for Startups – Deploying with AWS Tutorial

Learn how to get started with AWS. This is a practical guide for early stage startups interested in using AWS. You will learn how to create an AWS account, deploy an application, budget scaling applications, and more.

⭐️Course Contents ⭐️

☁ Getting Started
(0:00:18) 🎤 Meet Your Instructor
(0:01:04) Setting Up Your AWS Account
(0:05:17) Avoid Overbilling by Creating AWS Budgets and Billing Alarm
(0:13:17) Securing Root Account and Create an Administrative User
(0:21:42) Setting up Multi-Account and Creating a Cross-Account Role
(0:34:38) Crash Course on AWS Security Services
(0:52:20) Reviewing The Best Free-Tier AWS Services
(1:02:49) AWS Activate and Keeping Track of AWS Credits

☁ Architectures
(1:17:14) 🎤 Evolution of Servers
(1:25:30) 🎤 Technical Architectures and Technical Responsibility

☁ Let’s Get Building
(1:38:29) ⌨ Registering a Domain Name with Route53
(1:42:36) ⌨ Setting up A Development Environment on Cloud9
(1:46:56) ⌨ Setting up Your Marketing Website on S3 and CloudFront
(2:07:40) ⌨ How do I deploy my web-application to Elastic Beanstalk?
(2:20:35) ⌨ Sending Emails Via Your Web-Application using SES
(2:30:23) ⌨ Creating a Business Email Using Amazon WorkMail
(2:36:56) ⌨ Setting Up A WordPress with using LightSail or EC2
(2:47:57) ⌨ Sending Campaign Emails using PinPoint
(2:56:01) ⌨ Launching a Sample Mobile Application Using AWS Amplify

☁ Tips
(3:08:48) ⌨ Why you should consider paying for AWS Support
(3:18:02) 🎤 Why you should use these AWS Services To Get Better Technical Positioning
(3:36:56) ⌨ Why you should avoid using EC2 Key Pairs and Instead Use Sessions Manager
(3:47:20) 🎤 Why you should try to run your Web-Application in at Least 3 AZs
(3:51:29) ⌨ Why you should avoid assigning users Administrative Access and use these Policies Instead
(3:58:49) 🎤 Why you should use decentralized authentication such as Cognito

Bon Voyage
(4:02:37) 🛳 Thank You and Additional AWS Resources

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37 thoughts on “AWS for Startups – Deploying with AWS Tutorial

  1. What should I be using for my account – aws budgets or aws billing alarm ??
    Is setting up 2 aws budget alarms free for free tier account as mentioned by andrew.
    is aws billing alarm free??

  2. This is probably the best video I have watched for an AWS noob like myself! I had been stressing over how to make our application ready for production and getting confused by the countless services offered by AWS. Also, I had bought into a myth that AWS costs a LOT of money if using their services, but the architecture you describe in 3:36:53 was extremely helpful. I'm so glad that I decided to watch this video.

    Big thumbs up :))

  3. Hello All, I would to ask: Can I integrate amazon SES Sending Statistics. into my web, in order to get a visual idea how my campaign is going?

  4. Is it reaaaaly worth doing all this set up and management of all these various aws services. or can i not just use netlify?

  5. I find AWS to be much more expensive for startups, DigitalOcean ( good support and documentation ), Linode and CloudFlair (awesome CDN and free SSL) can be a good option. Never the less awesome content.

  6. i love freecodecamp, but i'm lost with this one. what exactly is this thing, seems to have nothing to do with writing code at all? i'll go to google to find out what this really is.

  7. Can someone give me an idea about this AWS because I don’t live in us 🇺🇸 and don’t have that big knowledge about tech

  8. That amazon pricing is giving you math problems just like in school, haha! Pretty good video, going to watch just because I like the voice behind.

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