16 thoughts on “AWS EC2 Pricing: Hosting A WordPress Blog

  1. Craigerson…Awesome videos. Quick question. Do you know how to add SSL to your blog hosted on AWS? Google is now implementing a warning message in Chrome to users who visit websites that are not secured with SSL. Thanks again for the great advice in your videos.

  2. The official AWS website describes a setup where you would pay 420 USD / month minimum for a WordPress blog: ttps://aws.amazon.com/de/getting-started/projects/build-wordpress-website/services-costs/ – why do they describe a setup which is way more expensive than yours?

  3. Hi, Thanks for the video. It is really helpful. You know I am using AWS now, I have discovered that AWS is a lot faster than most of other hosting providers out there. Their server is really faster. But I am still confused with the new pricing, do you think the charge has been now changed in 2020??

  4. Hi there,
    thanks for the video and info.

    Did anything change until now and would you recommend I stalling WordPress on AWS? Does it run faster compared to a conventional hosting service and what are the main differences to a normal hosting service?

    Thank you!

  5. Hi thank thank you for sharing, what was your set up cost initially to sign up with Amazon AWS? Again thanks for sharing this is helpful

  6. Very informative video. Hoping to learn more in-depth… Could you educate us for creating a master reseller hosting via AWS? Or a reseller hosting instead

  7. Is the speed with AWS EC2 hosting faster then let's say hostgator or godaddy? What about for seo ranking? Looks interesting. How do you like the service, still using it? 10$ per month for average wordpress blog?

  8. Craigerson, I'm an avid follower of your tutorials and I must say that the way you explain AWS cloud is second to none. I have been following AWS stuff over the internet but it is way too complicated for a NON Coder. But the way you have explained it seems like a piece of cake. God Bless you…. I'd like to get your thoughts on AWS pricing structure. I mean a static blog like yours seems to cost around $10, and what about a Blog with a decent traffic and a bit more rich content (Videos, HD Pics, Media etc). How much would it cost. I think it would cost way more than $50 a month. And here we are talking about some less than a medium traffic blog. It makes AWS in my opinion way tooo much costly…. Digital Ocean on the other hand has a clear cut pricing with all the factors like Disk Space, Bandwidth, SPEED, RAM, CPU Cores etc combined in one package with a straight forward pricing, which starts for as low as $10 a month for 1 Gig of RAM. I think thats reasonably generous and AWS is way too costly and complicated in pricing structure. I'd really like to listen to your thoughts on this Craig…. and Thanks again for all those great tutorials…

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