Arenadata Platform - Apache Ignite as MPP Accelerator

Arenadata Platform – Apache Ignite as MPP Accelerator

In-memory computing technologies have already changed a lot of IT spheres, from relational databases to data science solutions. But can standalone in-memory grids accelerate traditional enterprise data warehouses (DWH)?

In the talk we will show how Apache Ignite can be used together with world’s first open source massive-parallel processing database – Greenplum DB – to give 12x acceleration to the queries.

Subtopics of the talk:
– Why do traditional DWH needs in-memory grid
– Integrating Apache Ignite with Greenplum DB: how to integrate one cluster system with another
– Using the power of in-memory computing with MPP RDBMS: solving typical telecom case
– Working with one object as a key-values storage and SQL table

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